Monday, July 14, 2008

life has been quiet on logan since the great summer vermin heist. i have been spying on the old man who sits across the street at the bus stop on milwaukee. well...not really spying since hes a derelict and is sitting on public property. the point is, he yells at cars. daily. all day long. he yells at cars. bikes. people on bikes. but never people who are just walking. he seems to have an affinity for moving vehicles.

ive been trying to figure out what kind of crazy he is. there are really only two kinds when you think about it:

1. violent crazy - youve seen them. these are the guys that totally scare you off from twenty feet away. the ones who mumble to themselves. things like "mothafucka i told that mothafucka....mothafucka! shit! MOTHAFUCKA!" etc. like the guy that threatened me on the blue line once and told me i had twenty-four hours to get out of town before he stabbed me with a screwdriver. those guys are the scary ones.

2. just plain crazy - youve seen them everywhere. they mumble. but its about stuff like tuna salad and missing their families, being depressed. you know....nonsense.

anyway, this guy seems to fit into category #2 so im going to do my best to interview this guy without him knowing that im just going to write about it on the internet. hopefully i dont catch the crazies from him.

other than that, its been a disturbingly quiet week. the sounds and creaks i hear at night are minimal but i just keep assuming that its the sound of animals trying to kill me while im sleeping. that is a paranoid delusion that will not go away for quite some time im sure. i think the mice have learned their lesson, though. i should have mounted the dead ones on a plaque in the living room just to show them that im a real killing machine. maybe next time.

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