Monday, August 11, 2008

the end

it's been a minute since ive updated here. ive really been meaning to but everytime i sit down to do it, i lose my inspiration and feel like what i have to say isnt worth reading. but something so downright idiotic happened this weekend that i feel like i have to write about it.

sunday morning:

i wake up to hunter banging on my bedroom door. i tell him to come in and he explains that our landlord(jay) called him at 8 in the morning accusing him of trashing our roof. this is simply not possible because he was not even in the building on saturday night, thus eliminating him from the list of possible suspects. so he tells me to call jay to explain to him that i had nothing do with the destruction either. here is how that conversation went:

jay- hello, this is jay (this is ALWAYS how he answers the phone. like im going to forget his name...come on, guy)

me- jay, i heard about what happened. whats going on?


me- huh?

jay- you had a party on the roof and trashed it!

me- no. i was in a hot tub by myself in north riverside until 1 am. then i came home and went straight to bed.

jay- well then who did it?

me- good question, jay. but i love it up there. so why would i go and ruin it like that?

jay- well, im out of town(cool, man) but im gonna figure this out.

me- okay, man

so after that short but intense exchange, i went upstairs to check out what happened. i was pretty shocked and disgusted. broken table and chairs, glass everywhere, cigarette butts in huge piles. it looked like a homeless guy set up shop for a week up there and just left his mess. but in reality it was a bunch of fake homeless "punks" who thought it would be funny to trash something that doesnt belong to them. they even took loose bricks out of the wall and threw them off of the logan side of the building. they could have fucking killed someone. the point is, the only people that could have let this happen are my idiot neighbors who have zero respect for anything that doesnt belong to them. theyre the reason that my landlord thinks im an irresponsible drunk. theyre the ones who ruined my favorite part about living in that building. i cant wait to see them again so i can punch the shit out of their stupid bike punk faces.

the lack of responsibility and the complete lack of respect theyve shown blows my mind. and it turns out that the nice table and chairs up there that sort of showed up out of nowhere one day belong to my other neighbors who were kind enough to let the rest of us use them. they were up on the roof as well when i went up there to check out the damage and they were fucking furious. for some reason they thought hunter and i were responsible as well and it took a few minutes of talking to them before we convinced them that not only were we not even in the building but also that WERE NOT A COUPLE OF FUCKING SHITTY COLLEGE KIDS WHO LIVE OFF OF THEIR PARENTS. unlike the fucking idiots who were responsible for the mess.

the world is truly full of idiots.


Chris said...

so...can i push those giant brick caps off the side now?

eric said...

they beat you to it

Brandon said...


james said...

now i know why you weren't into "pass the brick." (andy started it). sorry, dude.