Saturday, November 1, 2008

it's getting colder

its been a minute and a half, huh?

so here's the rundown. the roof is still closed for "repair" and despite the fact that i've seen some people up there "working" i get the feeling that this is my landlord's childish and passive-aggressive way of closing it up for good. orginially we were told three to four weeks. it has been six and the lock on the door leading to the roof is still changed and i am still without a key.

i've been thinking a lot lately about how much i hate professional landlords. for example, mine. what kind of loser sits around and plays online poker all day and then refuses fix a lightswitch cover because he "cant fix shit." what a fucking cop-out. bring me a new light switch cover and ill fucking do it myself. in the time it took you to explain to me that you "cant fix shit" you could have found a screwdriver and done it. lazy fuck.

i guess the positive side is that we havent havent had any sort of mouse/roach problem recently. maybe the fact that they're FINALLY "fixing" the basement has something to do with it. i say "fixing" this way because if you go down there, all they've done so far is hang a bunch of lights in the dark part of the room and moved some trash around. i cant wait until they try to open up that restaurant and it gets shut down immediately because the building is a dilapidated piece of shit that i dont even want to cook in, let alone "dine out" in. what a joke.

but doesnt it just make sense?