Thursday, July 3, 2008

i was really hoping to see this guy when i answered the door this morning. a shining beacon in the dark. my savior from all of the gross garbage going on in my building.

sadly, he was more interested in watching the daily show and talking about half baked than actually killing any vermin. don't get me wrong. he was a really nice guy. but nice guys don't usually make good killers. he told me that the real problem is the basement and that in order for everything else to get fixed, the basement has to be renovated. he warned me when i started asking questions and said "there are rooms down there that you don't even want to go into. it's that bad."


i'll try to get a hold of a camera so i can post some pictures of the savagery going on down there. but somebody is going to have to come with me. there's no way im going down into the catacombs by myself. we can even go down there on weed if you want. but being on weed probably wouldn't help us.

for now, i will continue to live in fear.

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